It is with great disappointment and sadness that we announce that effective immediately, April 4, 2022, The Homestead at 3218, our 6-year old men’s resort, RV park & campground located on our rural homestead in Crawford, Texas, is closed. All future reservations are cancelled. We personally are scrambling to get as much of our personal belongings, cattle and real property removed from the farm before The First National Bank of McGregor (TFNB) swoops in with law enforcement personnel to throw us off. Our effort includes assisting our perm RVers in their unexpected need to remove their RVs. We have gone as far as we could on our farm property possession legal issue by elevating it to the Texas Supreme Court. Unfortunately, this court of last resort ruled against us on the legal property issues we raised. As we progressed through the various courts, not one would grant us a jury trial so our case could be heard and judged by our peers. So, after three arduous, MENTALLY-DRAINING, FATIGUE-DRIVEN and costly years of our legal fight against TFNB, we have to find an alternate place to live and to store what possessions we can save. While our Federal case against TFNB regarding their fraudulent loan actions - actions that induced us to be in this devastating position - wow before the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, even if we prevail, it is too late for The Homestead at 3218. Once TFNB's possession of this property is taken from us, it is gone forever. Our age was cited by bank officers as a reason we should not even be in business here. In addition, bank actions have implied our "type of business" needs to be shut down. However, these civil rights issues are almost impossible to prove, especially when TFNB officers lie under oath about having stated any. TFNB now can unjustly enrich itself with a property that was to have been ours for the remainder of our lives – a property that had been in the Mattlage family continuously since its purchase by the family’s German immigrants as an original Texas Land Grant in the late 1880s. We want to thank the thousands of you for your support as we operated our men’s venue for the community. We had certainly hoped for a different outcome for us and for you with lots of plans for the future of the venue. However, it is not to be. please do not call us as the phone lines are being used to coordinate our move. you are welcome to emaIL US. IN THE MEANTIME, we must say thank you and good-by. Our best wishes to you all. Mark Mattlage & Rob Snowden, Hosts The Homestead at 3218 Crawford, Texas April 4, 2022

While we lost our appeal before the federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals last Fall, we are pursuing an additional legal action in state court. We will have a court date set within the next 30 days including our request for a trial-by-jury of our peers; this was denied us repeatedly in our federal court case.
February 5, 2023