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1. We’re a men-only resort located in rural Crawford about 25 miles west of Waco with open-minded men as members, staff & owners. With your annual membership you’ll enjoy all the privileges and amenities the resort offers. You’ll have complete freedom to enjoy the outdoor swimming pool (in season) and all the facilities inside and adjacent to the Rec Center. Private sleeping cubicles, bunk room single beds, RV spaces, camp sites and Rainey Creek House suites are available for overnight rental depending on availability.


2. Members should bring clothes & shoes for all outdoor weather situations, especially during our cooler months. Members are required to use a towel – one we provide or your own favorite – to sit on all indoor and outdoor furniture when wet.


3. Members are required to check-in at the Registration Desk in the reception area of the Rec Center and purchase/renew/verify your membership and pay the designated usage fee and/or accommodation charge prior to enjoying the resort’s facilities and amenities. You must fill out either an online or onsite membership application form and present a valid government-issued photo ID, e.g., a current driver’s license or passport, in order to purchase your initial membership and subsequent renewals. No one under the age of 18 may become a member or visit the resort’s facilities. We retain the absolute right to not renew a membership or even cancel it, without any refund, for a member’s willful violation of our Rules & Regulations. We take violations very seriously.


4. All members must sign two (2) separate Release of Liability forms with your membership application. While we don’t expect you to experience any problems during your visit, mishaps can happen. Your use of the resort’s facilities implies acceptance of our Release of Liability. We do not assume responsibility for nor provide any insurance protection for our members and their property, including motor vehicles, while on resort property.


5. Resort facilities include the outdoor pool as well as the pool deck and grassy spaces surrounding it for sunbathing and friendly conversation – all within a privacy fence. You can relax in an outdoor hammock or on one of the many lounge chairs. Inside the Rec Center try your skill with old and new friends at billiards, play some board games or watch a game, concert or video on our 70″ flat screen TV. Warm up and relax in the steam room. Sleeping accommodations (sleeping cubicles, bunk room single beds and Rainey Creek House suites) are all in climate-controlled buildings while our primitive outdoor camp site and RV park are adjacent to the Rec Center. Note that our pool heater will be used sparingly and only on certain dates between October 1st and April 30th each year. Use depends on the outside temperature during these dates. Feel free to call ahead for information on its scheduled use!


6. Our main restroom area is located inside the Rec Center and has hot showers with soap/shampoo, wash basins with soap, mirrors and paper towels and toilet facilities. A second small restroom with toilet and wash basin with soap and paper towels is located inside the enclosed pool area lanai for pool users’ convenience. An outdoor shower is located on the exterior wall outside the lanai restroom to cool off on hot days, wash off your feet or wash chemicals like sunscreens off your body prior to entering the pool. All restrooms have A/C or heat, as needed. Please use the showers conservatively. As our toilets are on a septic system, please do not place any paper or other non-biodegradable items in them other than what we provide for your use.


7. We’ve provided picnic tables, a charcoal grill and a fire ring for your outdoor use; however, please do not relocate them to another area or make fires outside approved fire rings. Camp fires are not permitted. The burning of any fires may be subject to periodic burn bans issued by McLennan County.


8. Both gated resort entrances/exits are closed at 5 PM each Sunday-Thursday night; at 8 PM each Friday-Saturday nights; and at 10 PM (or later) on designated holiday & special event nights. Gates re-open at 9 AM each morning (the RV gate as needed). However, phone the reception desk at 254-486-0032 for emergency admittance between these gate-closed times OR, before you depart, if you know you’ll return late. If you do leave through the main exit during these gate-closed times, the gate opens automatically for departing vehicles.


9. Parking spaces are limited and reserved for members’ vehicles such as cars, pick-up trucks, SUVs and motorcycles. We cannot accommodate parking for large vehicles such as RVs & trailers (outside the RV park), semis or vehicles towing trailers or boats. Vehicles are to be driven slowly and quietly while on resort grounds.


10. You may want to bring insect repellent and sunscreen for outdoor activities (but wash off before entering the pool). These products also are available for purchase in the Rec Center plus Homestead t-shirts, hot drink mugs and other items.


11. Bring your favorite personal towel for showering and sunbathing as well as preferred toiletries for bathing. Rainey Creek House suite-provided towels are for interior room use only.


12. You’re welcome to bring your own snacks & drinks to enjoy during your visit (the closest gasoline/convenience stores and a Dollar General store are about 8 miles away in Crawford); however, you should bring your own cooler for drinks (we’ve no way to keep them cold for you) but all drink containers must be non-glass. There’s a soft drink vending machine in the Rec Center. We provide free coffee every morning for Rec Center “overnighters”. A cold/hot water drink dispenser is in there, too.


13. We have 10 lb. bags of ice for sale @ $2.50/bag + 6.75% sales tax = $2.67 total. Inquire at the Rec Center check-in desk during regular gate/office hours. We’ll do our very best to keep this product in stock for you.


14. Depending on your length of stay, you may want to bring your own meds (but we’re unable to store them for you) and personal medical supplies.


15. We offer complimentary NextLink-provided WiFi service that’s as speedy and reliable as we can get here in the country. It’s accessible in most resort areas.


16. We are a non-smoking venue. Since our buildings are wooden and have no sprinkler system, our insurance company requires us to prohibit smoking in all indoor areas including all sleeping quarters. Smoking IS permitted in all outdoor areas, but we request your smoking not disturb other resort members. Smoking materials must be disposed of properly in designated receptacles. NO SMOKING IS PERMITTED WHILE IN THE POOL!


17. Fireworks, concealed or open-carry firearms, toxic or hazardous chemicals, public intoxication and illegal substances are prohibited.


18. There is zero tolerance for any type of physical violence, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, the use of illegal substances or general inappropriate behavior toward others and resort property.


19. Solicitation of resort members by vendors and suppliers for services and products while members are on resort grounds is prohibited.


20. Picking, cutting and/or removal of plants on resort grounds is prohibited. If you want the name of any particular plant you see on the property, please ask us and we’ll identify it for you.


21. Feeding of any animals (including cats) on the property is prohibited.


22. All resort water (except a little we use only for landscape irrigation) is from a nearby municipal water supply source and safe for drinking, cooking, bathing, washing and swimming.


23. If you want to wash your car, RV and/or travel trailer, you can do so in the RV park by connecting your hose to one of the water faucets and providing the manpower. However, you must first inform management and pay a Vehicle Washing Fee of $5.00 per car/pick-up truck or $10.00 per RV/travel trailer/pop-up. Cash and all major credit cards are accepted.


24. See our Rules & Regulations page for our pet policy.


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