Membership & Other Fees


The resort is a members-only facility.  Membership is $25/year plus 6.75% sales tax.  However, you'll need to pay for a day/night pass, locker rental or overnight accommodation during each visit.

Day/Night Passes

If you choose not to stay the night with us, you can visit on an 8-hour pass for $8 Monday-Thursday; $10 Friday-Sunday; and $15 during Holidays & Special Events.  Pass fees are subject to 6.75% sales tax.

Locker Rentals

We've a limited number of clothes lockers you can rent in 8-hour segments for $10 Monday-Thursday; $15 Saturday-Sunday; and $18 during Holidays & Special Events.  Note the Day/Night Pass Fee is waived if you rent a clothes locker!  We also have private lock box rentals for $2 per 8-hour visit.