The Homestead at 3218 is a gay/bisexual men's private members-only resort which welcomes all open-minded males to enjoy themselves in our facilities without fear of judgment, intolerance or recrimination. Any type of discrimination will not be permitted against members during their visit.

While we are a welcoming venue, we do ask that each member respects all other members while here.  All legal activities are permitted.  Illegal ones will not be tolerated - period!

In order for your visit to be enjoyable, as safe as possible and without incident, please review the resort's current (but subject to change) Rules & Regulations.

1.  All indoor facilities are non-smoking; however, if smoking outdoors, please refrain from letting your smoke bother other members.  Dispose of lighted smoking materials, responsibly, especially during officially-designated McLennan County burn bans.

2.  We permit one dog weighing 25 lbs. or less to stay in either one of the first floor Pool House suites as long as they're confined to rooms with a hard surface.  Pets are not permitted on the resort's furniture or inside the pool area.  We charge a $40 non-refundable pet fee per stay.  You're responsible for cleaning up after your pet - inside and outside - and your dog must be kept on a leash at all times while outside (and within a fenced kennel area in the RV park or camp grounds).  "Service dogs" are always permitted at the resort free-of-charge as are non-violent breed dogs traveling with campers and RVers as long as their owners follow the clean-up and leash requirements.

3.  The resort owners live on the grounds as well as raise cattle on its surrounding acreage. We ask that you respect the land - both inside the resort boundaries and upon the abutting acreage.

4.  Do not disturb the peace.  The use of personal electronic music/video devices with external speakers such as portable radios, boom boxes, iPads, smart phones, etc. is prohibited.  Devices with ear buds or headphones are acceptable.

5.  Outdoor and indoor "Quiet Time" is from 11 PM to 8 AM daily (but may be altered during specially-designated Holidays & Special Events).

6. Please respect members' personal space, privacy and personal property which includes never taking identifiable photos or videos of other members or the resort or its facilities without first obtaining permission.

7.  Always drive slowly and carefully on resort grounds (5 MPH speed limit) and park only in designated parking areas.

8.  The resort is clothing-optional only within the confines of the fenced swimming pool area, inside the Pool House and in all but the reception room of the Rec Center.  In addition, you must wear some type of clothing or wrap outside these areas and foot wear (shoes, boots, flip flops, etc.) when walking outside as we are in the country and there may be something under foot against which you want to protect yourself. At a minimum a towel, swim suit, shorts, etc. covering your lower body must be worn between the fenced pool area and the Rec Center, in the Rec center reception room and outdoor areas of the resort.

9.  A towel is required to sit on furniture everywhere at the resort if you are otherwise nude or wearing a wet bathing suit.  You are encouraged  to bring your own personal pool towel.

10. There is a resort-provided two (2) towel limit per 8-hour pass or non-Pool House overnight stay - one personal size towel and/or beach--size towel - so keep towels clean and dry as possible.  Each member will be charged a $5 replacement fee for every towel not returned or returned too soiled an/or stained to be cleaned and reused.

11. Do not litter.  Place cigarette butts and paper, plastic, metal trash and garbage in containers provided for this purpose.

12. No glass containers of any kind are permitted for use anywhere on resort grounds, especially around the pool, except for inside the tavern building and/or each Pool House suite (where they must remain) and those utilized occasionally by resort staff for serving purposes. Dishware, cookware, drink ware provided in the pool house suites are not to be removed from the suites to other locations on the property. This rule is for everyone's safety and to control inventory for those units! You may be charged additionally for loss of these items. If you share cookware, flatware with other pool house residents, please restore those items back to your unit. Again, missing items may be passed along to you as lost. 

14. The resort is a work-in-progress for your enjoyment so please don't remove, destroy, deface, mar or modify, rearrange any plants, signs, facilities, lighting, furnishings, accessories, etc. If you have a request or need assistance, always ask.

15. Do not leave food garbage outside or intentionally feed the critters occasionally seen on the grounds.

16.  Shower each time before entering the pool to remove sunscreen thus providing a cleaner environment for all members' enjoyment.  Warm water showers are inside the Rec Center as well as a more convenient but shower mounted on the exterior wall of the Pool House lanai restroom to the left of the steps.

17. If alcohol is served during your resort stay, know your limitations and drink responsibly.  You are welcome to bring your own alcoholic beverages (and coolers) until further notice.  As a reminder, NO alcohol may be served to nor consumed by members under the legal Texas drinking age of 21 while at the resort.  Sorry but no exceptions!

18.  The use or possession of illegal substances or the concealment or use of firearms while on resort grounds is strictly prohibited and could lead to a member's ejection from the resort and loss of member status.

19. Enjoy the swimming pool at your own risk.  There is no lifeguard on duty.  Obey the posted pool rules and regulations for the safe use of this amenity.

20. The resort and farm property on which it's located is itself surrounded by neighbors, many of whom have lived on their land for decades and use the area roads or both personal and business travel such as the slow movement of large pieces of farm equipment.  So please respect them both on and off our property, especially when driving on area roads including observing the 45 MPH speed limit on Canaan Church Road. 

Relax and have fun during your visit to The Homestead at 3218.  It was created for your enjoyment.  Feedback is welcome as we plan the future development of this resort.