List Of Amenities
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As The Resort Is Closed Permanently

1.  Free WiFi

2.  Free Parking

3.  Steam Room (Rec Center-limited weekend nighttime hours)

4.  Black Light Graphics Room (Rec Center)

5.  Billiards Table (Rec Center)

6.  Video Viewing Room (Rec Center)

7. Community Coffee Maker & Microwave (Rec Center)

8.  Soft Drink Vending Machine (Rec Center)

9.  Indoor Communal Showers & Restroom Facility (Rec Center)

10.  Drinking Water Dispenser (Rec Center)

11.  Bagged Ice Sales (Rec Center-10 lb. bags)

12.  Indoor Restroom & Outdoor Shower (Pool Area)

13.  Pool Loungers & Towels (Pool Area)

14.  Charcoal Grill (Longwood Tavern exterior)

15.  Fire Ring (RV Park-north corner & Camping Area; not available during burn bans)

16.  Picnic Table (RV Park-entry)

17.  Outdoor Movies (Pool Area-seasonal dates TBA)

18.  Longwood Tavern (existing building for future restaurant & bar)

19.  Recreational fishing in Rainey Creek (contact management for info)

20.  Massages by Licensed Massage Therapist (holiday weekend dates TBD)